AAS 8000

AAS8000, a newly-developed product of Atomic Absorption Spectrometer series, is an automatic graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometer, used in micro-analysis, trace analysis and ultra-trace analysis of metallic element content and semi-metallic element content, above 60 measurable elements. AAS8000 applies the most advanced graphite furnace temperature control technology and it is fully automated, easy to operate, and quite reliable. AAS8000 is the first in the industry to use USB2.0 port, the latest electronic circuit system. AAS8000 realizes auto-control by computer (except for power switch).
Performance characteristics
Total-reflection achromatic optical system
Use concave lens instead of convex lens as focus, chromatic aberration caused by varied focuses of different elements is effectively solved and optical system efficiency is improved.
Full-automation design
Highly automated, all functions are monitored and controlled by computer (except for switch).
Integrated design
Integrated design of graphite furnace automatic sampler, graphite furnace power supply and atomic absorption spectrometer, decreasing electromagnetic interference of graphite furnace power supply, making assembly and disassembly of graphite furnace automatic sampler easier.
Responsive temperature control of graphite furnace, accurate warm-up temperature control
Large-power voltage transformer, micro-resistance cable, low-resistance graphite pipe and light-switch warm-up mode, calibrate the system according to software and hardware temperature curves; temperature control precision reaches ±1%.
Graphite furnace automatic sampler with 85 sample cups
Graphite furnace automatic sampler: highly precise polar coordinate positioning, stable operation, easy to use and highly-automated; if the automatic sampler isn’t configured, the software will choose manual sampling mode.
8 element lamps
Other 7 element lamps are preheated while one is working, time-saving and make element measurement much easier.
It is the first to use USB2.0 port instead of RS-232 port in the industry. Hot plug, compatible with computers without serial port, e.g. laptop.
More safety measures, making sample analysis more safe and reliable!
(1) Monitoring of cooling water pressure
(2) Monitoring of carrier gas pressure
(3) Monitoring of overheat of graphite furnace
(4) Temperature monitoring during graphite furnace chilling
Any errors detected during the above monitoring will set off the alarm and graphite furnace heating will be stopped; operation cannot be continued till the malfunction is solved.
Automatic carrier gas flow control
Use mass flow controller or integrated gas circuit to auto-control carrier gas flow.
Deuterium lamp background correction
When background signal is 1A, background correction ability is up to above 30 times; it can be upgraded to deuterium lamp plus auto-absorption background correction system.
Streamlined sheet metal external appearance
Proprietary intellectual property, powerful analytical software
User-friendly operating interface, automatic switch of Chinese and English software interface, automatic qualitative and quantitative analysis, auto-calculation of element content and auto-generation of test report.
Technical specifications
Model: AAS8000
Monochromator: Czerny-Turner
Grating ruling density: 1800g/mm
Wavelength range: 190nm – 900nm
Wavelength accuracy: ±0.25nm
Wavelength repeatability: < 0.10nm
Spectral bandwidth: 0.1/0.2/0.4/0.7/1.4 nm
Power: 220V±22V, 50Hz±1Hz, 600W (peak value)
Reading mode: peak height and peak area
Signal: atomic absorption and background correction
Graphite furnace
Temperature range: room temperature to 3000℃
Warm-up rate: 3000℃/s
Cd precision: < 2%
Cd detection limit: < 1pg
Power: 220V±22V, 50Hz±1Hz, 5KW (peak value)
Graphite furnace auto-sampler
Sample disk: 80 sample cups and 5 test cups
Sample cup: 0.8ml sample cup and 4.6ml test cup
Syringe: 50ul high-accuracy micro-dosage syringe
Range of sampling volume: 1ul - 30ul
Sampling precision: 1ul
Repeatability: 1 - 100
Standard configurations
AAS8000 instrument
Graphite furnace atomizer
Automatic temperature control circulation device of cooling water
Accessory case (including CD and narrow-line source, etc.)
Optional configurations 
1. Graphite furnace auto-sampler
2. PC
3. Printer
Standard configurations of instrument
Photoelectric converter
Narrow-line source
Gas circuit control casing
Electric circuit control system
Graphite furnace auto-sampler
Graphite furnace atomizer
Graphite furnace power
Application fields
Geology and mining, analysis in metallurgy and steel industry, nonferrous metal analysis
Environment analysis, air condition monitoring, water quality analysis, analysis of soil and solid wastes
Analysis of petrochemicals and light industrial products, analysis of crude oil and its products, analysis of chemical and light industrial products
Food analysis, biochemical and health products analysis
Building materials analysis (glass, ceramics and paint, etc.)