EDX 860D

EDX 860D, a specialized precious metals tester, is capable of measuring inner walls of the circular samples as well as conducting common planar testing. 
Its features are: 
Small and light; 
Elegant and attractive ; 
Manual lift platform for measuring samples of different sizes; 
Simple ways of sample holding;
Convenient to change the collimators; 
The diameter of the collimator is as small as 1.5mm, making it possible to measure the micro area; 
Bottom lightening structure
Large window proportional counter, meeting the requirements of different applications; 
Large sample chamber for measuring large samples; 
Laser positioning of CCD permitting visualized positioning of samples; 
Good radiation shielding capability protects the operators.

Performance characteristics

Large power X-ray tube 
Super large window proportional counter 
Small and elegant
Large window proportional counter, meeting the requirements of different applications;
Manual lift platform for measuring circular samples of different sizes;
Small collimator enables the test of micro area 
Laser positioning CCD positions the test spot visually and accurately. The laser automatically stops when the measurement starts, which helps taking clearer pictures. 
Good radiation shielding capability guarantees the safety of the operators

Technical specifications

Analysis range: 1ppm to 99.99% 
Arbitrary optional analysis and identification models
Independent matrix effect correction models
Multi-variable non-linear regression procedure
Repeatability: 0.1% 
Stability: 0.1% 
Power supply: AC 220V±5V 
Measurement time: 60-200S
Tube voltage: 5-50KV
Tube current: 50-1000μA
Ambient temperature: 5℃-30℃

Standard configurations

Proportional counter 
50W X-ray tube
High voltage 50Kv@1mA
Laser positioning CCD 
High sensitive signal detection circuit 
Manual lift platform
Sample clamp 
Collimator with diameter of 1.5mm

Application fields

Jewelries processing factories
Jewelries stores
Precious metals smelters
Quality inspection administrations
Analysis and Testing Center