EDX 880

Instrument introduction

EDX 880, a specialized precious metals tester, is capable of measuring inner walls of the jewelries and other irregular samples.

Performance characteristics

Large power X-ray tube 
Super large window proportional counter 
Curved design, elegant and eye-catching
Large sample chamber houses large samples
Multiple sample holding ways (universal sample clamp, sample plate, plasticine), offering common tests, inner wall tests and irregular samples tests 
Manual lift platform offers tests of samples of different thicknesses 
Small collimator enables the test of micro area 
Laser positioning CCD positions the test spot visually and accurately. The laser automatically stops when the measurement starts, which helps taking clearer pictures. 
Good radiation shielding capability guarantees the safety of the operators
The measurement can be observed through the transparent cover.

Technical specifications

Measurable elements: Au, Ag, Cu, etc
Measurement Precision (Standard Deviation Statistic): 0.05%~0.1% ( main element content over than 96%)
                                                                                                    0.01um~0.05um (for coating element analysis) 
Tube voltage: 5-50KV
Tube current: 50-1000μA
Test time: 60~100s
Ambient humidity: <=70%
Ambient temperature: 5℃-30℃ 
Power: AC220V+-5V( AC purified stabilized voltage power supply is recommended)

Standard configurations

Proportional counter
50W X-ray tube
High voltage output 50Kv@1mA
Laser positioning CCD
High sensitive signal detection circuit
Manual lift platform
Universal sample clamp
Collimator with diameter of 1.0mm

Application fields

Mainly used for testing precious metals; also applicable to plating thickness and RoHS testing
Fields requiring analysis of precious metals by X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry 
Jewelry stores and other places
Added inner wall test and micro area test functions 
Universal sample clamp;
Lift platform 
Glass cover;
With small collimating aperture, the machine can test micro area.
Laser positioning CCD