In addition, to make jewelry with 8-10K-14K-8K it depends on the alloy used. So different jewelries are different alloyed used, therefore to get the standard samples to make the working curve for the machine is very difficult.

To solve this problem, the NX series issued to help solve all problems above with new method in calibration to test all kind of gold.

For these series, the user is easier to make specific standard samples for own application and reducing to add so many standard samples in the curve. So the result will be more stable and more accurate

With using the newest technology in XRF method that is DSP technology, and high power x-ray tube and stable High voltage supply, the NX series can reach the countrate up to 80,000 to 100,000 cps, and the detection areas enlarge 4 times up to 25mm2, so the stability, repeatability is 4-5 times better than previous generation such as EDX sereis

Especially, the NX series designed as a multi-function machine, therefore it can be used in wide application: Jewelry, Mining, Coating thickness, Steel, …

Main Specification:

1.Smaller and more fashionable design
2.Smart and flexible software and hardware (Alpha 10 plus FP)
3.Element range: Au, Pt, Rh, Ru (in fake gold), Ag, Cu, Ni, Zn, Pd, Fe, Pb, Co,.Mn, Mo, Cd, In, Sn, Cr, Ti,…(up to 15 elements)
4.Testing ranges: 1ppm-99.99% (0-99.99%)
5.Used newest Hybird-detector with DSP technology help machine works more stable and can test multi-element at the same time
6.Higher power X-ray tube with Cu target to make result more stable and lower detection limit, especially the life time is longer than the another X-ray tube
7.Main hardware imported from UK and USA such as Oxford, Spellman, Amptek
8.Applied to all kind of gold testing application: mining gold, white gold, yellow gold,…
9.Thickness application from Single to multi-layer
10.Able to determine gold in plating solution
11.Warrantee: 03 years