WAOL 2000

WAOL 2000 employs sequent injection analytical method, which has low consumption of the samples and reagent. With a high degree of automation, it can automatically monitor the Cr6 in the water.

It can be widely used in water environment automatic monitoring station, waterworks, regional water boundary, water quality analysis department and all levels of other environment monitoring departments (leather mill, paper mill, plating mill and other heavy emission mills) for water environment monitoring.

Main Advantages

1.Super high precision. Accounts to 1%. Rank the first in China
2.Automatic high precision dilution configuration Greatly expand the range of linearity of the instrument 
3.With the most advanced technology in China, which is close to international advanced technology

Performance characteristics

1.Independently developed alternating modulating circuit ensures the light source work in the modulation condition, thus it maximizes the lifetime and stability of the light source.
2.Independently developed alternating circuit testing line and filtering algorithm ensure the high measuring stability.
3.Equipped with high precise injection pump, the instrument has a strong heart, ensuring the high measuring stability and reproducibility.
4.The imported world brand electrical components and maintenance free sample system ensure the long-term and reliable operation of the instrument.
5.Having simple structure, the instruments are easy to handle and it has a long service time and low stoppage rate.
6.The carrying current is not only the reagent but also the lotion, so there is no need of cleaning process because the cleaning process is automatically finished.
7.With automatic and manual calibration function, this instrument can automatically complete calibration work every day.
8.Has the function of automatic electricity recovery after blackout
9.Can automatically control the water sampling of all kinds of pumps
10.Has the function of automatic alarm and protection of malfunction, no reagent, no sampling of water, and numerical overweight.
11.Measurement methods can be set as interval measurement or consecutive measurement.
12.Has a simple visual interface and rich vivid multimedia picture. This instrument directly demonstrates the whole measuring process with animations, which is convenient to the customer for knowing the measuring process.
13.All the functions can be realized through the friendly intelligent interface on the touch screen, and the calibration, record of parameter and the setting of analysis time of alarm value can be operated on the upper computer through remote control. The diagnosis of malfunction and the modification of procedures can also be finished through remote control.
14.The instrument can store the operational data for more than one year.

Technical specification

Measurable range 0.004-5mg/L
Accuracy 1%
Precision 0.5%
Detection limit 0.001mg/L
Resolution 0.001mg/L
Shortest measurement period 10min 
Dimension 600X450X1600
Net weight 50kg
Rated voltage 220V
Input Power 200W

Main Configuration

1、Water sample pretreatment devices
2、Rotary valve and injection pump
3、Photometric cuvette
4. Shielding can
5. Signal detection and control electronic circuit
6. 7 inch HMI touch screen 
7. Peristaltic pump for waste discharge
8. DB-9 Serial line with double generatrix end