BIO-3000 Comprehensive Toxicity Analyzer of Water Quality is an instrument to quickly test the toxicity of water bodies outdoors, which adopts luminous bacteria method in accordance with national standard (GB/T15441 1995) and ISO (ISO 11348-3). This method is simple, quick, sensitive and can test the comprehensive bio-toxicity of many materials, which can be widely applied to environmental pollution, emergency episode, security check, normal inspection and analytical investigation.  
Performance index
Measurements: toxicity, ATP;
Communication interfaces: USB, bluetooth, WIFI;
Software platform: Android, smart operational program that leads customers finish operation easily; 
Screening scope: 0~100% inhibition ratio (10~90% linear inhibition);
Testing range: 0-65535RLU;
Data storage: storage space: 4GB (scalable), data storage of over 100000 arrays
Applicable bacteria:  vibrio qinghaiensis, photobacterium phosphoreum (in accordance with GB/T15441 1995) or vibrio fischeri (in accordance with ISO 11348-3);  
Storage temperature of bacteria: −18℃, within one year;
Dustproofing and waterproofing grade of IP65 is adaptable to severe environment;
Testing of toxicity varieties: over 5,000 varieties;
Product parameters:
Environmental temperature: 5~40℃
Environment humidity: 10%~90% (25℃)
Quickest testing time: 5min
Continuous working hours: more than 12 hours
Measurable spectrum range: 320~1100nm
Weight: 450g
Size: 90×220×40mm
Mains input: 220V±10%, 50Hz
Standard features
 Safety box;
 Analysis main engine;
 Test tube of sample;
 Freeze-dried powder of luminous bacteria;
 Portable low temperature incubator; 
Performance advantages
In accordance with national standard (GB/T15441 1995) and (ISO 11348-3);
Wide testing range and sensitive to many metals and chemical substances like organic matter;
Compatible with ATP, multifunctional   
Exquisite, portable and convenient    
Huge HD display screen makes more convenient
Professional APP, simple
Many interfaces such as bluetooth, USB and WIFI, makes easy data reading
Pollution map function for quick positioning polluted site
Huge electric quantity, easy for charge
Application fields
Environmental monitoring department and centers for disease control and prevention
Experimental study on bio-toxicity in universities
Monitoring on surface water, drinking water and the source of drinking water
Anti-terrorism and security assurance on big public events
Quick screening and toxicity monitoring on sources of pollution from turnover water of sewage treatment works, food processing water, percolate of landfill and industry cooling water