Smart 100Plus

Smart 100 incorporates Skyray’s years of experience in precious metal testing with new generation detector and multichannel technology, to realize high counting rate and analyze precious metal accurately. In addition, it is equipped with 2D movable sample platform and HD industrial camera, to achieve accurate sample positioning. (it can effectively analyze 99.99% pure gold).


1.The most advanced detection technology —— X-Silicon Drift Detector(X-SDD), with resolution as low as 125eV
Advantage: large detecting area (25mm2); receiving more information in unit time; better count rate and resolution; higher precious metal detection efficiency; better SNR and lower detection limit
2.The most advanced digital multichannel technology
Advantage: effectively improve output efficiency, realize ultra high counting rate, guarantee effective counting rate higher than 300KCPS
3.Large power X ray tube and sophisticated collimation filter system
Advantage: higher excitation efficiency for precious metals
4.Optical shutter system 
Advantage: no need to close high voltage when replacing sample; improve test efficiency and accuracy

Fine positioning system 
Ultra-HD industrial camera shows test points more clearly

Multi-point test
2D movable sample platform – supports image coordinated control, multi-point continuous test

Tiny sample detection – minimum 0.2mm 
8 collimators and 4 filters provide free selection according to different sample
The smallest 0.2 mm collimator allows detecting tiny sample
It identifies 99.9% and 99.99% pure gold effectively
It can detect hazardous elements in precious metals like Pb, Cd

Humanized Design
Safer: X-ray integrated safety device ---- optical shutter interacts with interlock; housing is linked with high voltage enable terminal
Faster: multipoint test, to test the clicking point
Preset test: it can start test at fixed time based on time setting
Preset preheating after starting up: customers can preset time of auto start. At the same time, preheating, automatic check, correction can be done automatically. You can also preset time of auto stop and set sound and light alarm before stop.

Technical Parameters

Analytical range: from S to U
Stability (RSD): 0.02%
Detector: X-Silicon Drift Detector (X-SDD)
Resolution: ≤ 135eV
Tube current: ≤1000uA
Tube voltage: 5~50kV
Measuring time: 1s (default)
Filter: 4 filters 
Collimator: 8 collimators 
Sample observation: HD industrial camera
Humidity: ≤70%
Temperature: 15℃~30℃
Refrigerating method: electrical refrigeration, no consumables
Input voltage: AC 220V±5V (suggest to use AC stabilizer)


X-Silicon Drift Detector (X-SDD)
Digital multichannel analytic system
X ray source
High and low voltage power supply
Collimation filter system
Precise sample platform
Optical shutter system
Sample observation system
Electronic control system
PC and ink-jet printer

Application Field

Jewelry processing industry
Jewelry stores
Precious metal metallurgical plant
Quality inspection authorities
Analysis and test center
Precious metal recovery